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Here are some of the character 3D animation that Opossum Effects has been involved with. We have also created numerous 3D elements that we have animated and integrated into existing footage. Some of those animation can be found in our effects section. We have also worked on many broadcast style animation for various TV and cable stations.


The characters in this project where designed by Billy from the art department at Univision. The Animation director was Alexis Salinas. I also had some help modelling a couple of the fish. The remaining modelling, the animation and the compositing was some by Opossum Effects.


I worked on this project, as I freelance for Upstairs ( then known as Fireworks: Wally Rodriguez and Anabela Sosa). The client was La Fabrica (Cesar Ahumada ) and their client was Ybarra in México. VFX director Leopoldo Lovera. David Castañeda designed the character. Leopoldo and I modelled it and animated it. I created the facial rig for the facial expression ( The shrimp talked throughout the spot )


This is an older spot that I worked on at EDEFX Group ( Formerly Limelite Studios ) under the direction of Alexis Salinas, composited by Wally Rodriguez. Alexis was the lead Animator. We used Amazon 3D paint to created the elephant's textures. We brought on board Vincent Billoti to help us create a displacement map that worked across nurbs. We purchased the model from Viewpoint. The director for this spot was Pol Arteagabeitia from Chile.


This piece is showcased throughout this site since it falls into the kids section, as well as the original design.


We actually modelled a great boot, the brand RHINO. This project was done while I was working with Carlos Prio, who did the conform for the TV spot. The spot was to air in Colombia.