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My favorite broadcast work has been created while working as a freelance at Univision Networks here in Miami. Some of the people I have worked for and with over there are: Jorge Dominguez, Rafael Rodriguez, Luz Maria Cardenas, Daniel Morossi, Alexis Salinas, Julianne Langerie-Nagel, and many more... thanks!

Some of the other broadcast work has been done with the Discovery Production Group in Miami. Thanks to all of you: Verónica Acosta, Tareen Aguilar, Carlos Cote, Federico Reinfeld, Mikaela Gonzales, and their production teams and clients.


Most of the News related work I have done for Univision was for Luz Maria Cardenas, at the time she was the News Art Director. This news open was started by Lazaro "Laz" and added all the effects and most of the animation. I also worked on the previous version of this same news show while I worked at EDEFX Group.


We have animated and at times designed some of the promos that are used in many of the Discoery Networks. Typically to air in Latin, Portuguese, and Ibera regions. The above project was animated for the Health Channel.


One of my favorite pieces that came out of Hentschel & Prio. Our client was MTV Latino. Once again soccer is a huge part of the hispanic market.


I work on a regular basis with Univision Networks. I work as a freelance in many of their yearly projects, "Premio Lo Nuestro", "Premio Juventud", and Upfront. Most of the time I work as a flame artist making all the elements look as best as possible.


I have been most fortunate to participate in a great variety of projects for the Sports department at Univision. Soccer is big on this network, the last World Cup was a great project to have been able to participate in.