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At Opossum Effects we have created numerous special effects, some of them are the kind of effects that you don't see, so there is really not much to look at, and others where we've introduced something into the scene but it should feel as if it was there all alonog.


I worked on this project, as a freelance for Upstairs ( then known as Fireworks: Wally Rodriguez and Anabella Sosa). The client was La Fabrica (Cesar Ahumada ) and their client was Dunlop Tires in México. VFX director Leopoldo Lovera. The really interesting aspect of this project was the use of match moving software to modify the front end of a vehicle with a CG prosthetic while the car was in motion.


This project was brought to us by Manny Fernandez, at the time I was working with Carlos Prio. ( Hentschel & Prio ) Manny's client: Falcon Productions. Manny Fernandez directed and edited the spot, the kids pretended to be playing soccer, but they were playing without a ball.


The message of this PSA basically was: "Not be an ass, trying to be a mule!", The mule in Puerto Rico is a drug trafficer. This is an older spot that I worked on at EDEFX Group ( Formerly Limelite Studios ) under the supervision of Jamee Houk, composited by Wally Rodriguez.


Another excellent project conceived by the design team at Discovery Production Group in Miami. Filmed by Nasser Abich, Directed by Verónica Acosta. The client: Discovery Kids Latin America ( Sonia Echezurria & Roberta Cavalgante )


In this award winning project we integrated titles into selected scenes of animals in their natural habitat.